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Harassment & garnishments 

A bankruptcy filing requires that the creditor immediately cease collection efforts and most creditors are no longer entitled to garnish your wages.
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Under federal bankruptcy law, foreclosure efforts cease immediately upon filing.
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Internal Revenue Service

A bankruptcy filing immediately stops the IRS, and some taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy.
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Our Expert Bankruptcy Lawyers 

Our legal team is comprised entirley of lawyers who specialize in Bankruptcy filings in Portland, Oregon, and SW Washington.

Approach Bankruptcy and Debt Relief with a Trusted Team of Experienced Lawyers

Todd Trierweiler & Associates (DBA Bankruptcy Law Center) offers highly experienced bankruptcy lawyers in Oregon and Washington. 

We specialize in helping individuals with consumer and small business bankruptcy, tax and debt problems. Licensed in both Oregon & Washington, we specialize in bankruptcy law. 

With our 6 attorney law firm we have the experience and skill to help you. In this website you will find information on bankruptcy in Oregon and Washington.

We are a debt relief agency. If appropriate, we help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code


Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)

Benefit from a federal program designed to help struggling homeowners stay in their homes.

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See how you can keep your car after filing for Bankruptcy by arranging for the proper agreements.

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Reaffirmation Agreements

Work with secured creditors to for agreements that allow terms to be met as if a bankruptcy had not been filed.

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Secured Property

Understand how a reaffirmation agreement can help protect your belongings from creditors.

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Real Property

Discover how to get favorable contract terms on your first mortgage through reaffirmation.

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Mortgage Modifications
Help mitigate your losses by strategically reducing your monthly payments to something you can afford.
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October 21, 2021.
I was referred to Todd Trierweiler through the Oregon State Bar for a free initial consult and he was great. Very knowledgable and helpful and kind. I got all my questions answered and when I had more questions later, I tried to make an official appointment with him and he still just answered all my questions over the phone pro bono. Thank you!
Rusti Mccollum
Rusti Mccollum
August 1, 2020.
Todd and his team are the best!
Robert Raab
Robert Raab
September 26, 2017.
Very nice and helpful staff

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